Remodeling a kitchen is the dream of many women. In fact, the bathroom and kitchen are the two most important rooms when trying to sell a house. This is because many people want to have nice bath rooms and demonstrate the art of cooking. However, not all houses are large enough to accommodate the desire of every kitchen. Many houses have extremely small kitchens. You must not be a dark and dirty kitchen if it is small.


  1. Considered and creates an L-shaped kitchen to add space. If necessary, take a little kitchen area and some current space of an adjoining room. In a kitchen and a small house, a L-shaped kitchen provides a designated place a small breakfast table area.
  2. Choose appliances in light color and combine. Light colors give the impression of more space. Although not have to look like the floor, walls and counters, should be of the same color family. The dark colors contrast too could destroy your kitchen and make it look smaller.
  3. Add a space for the microwave oven on the kitchen. Do not miss counter space to put the microwave. Currently manufactures microwave facilitate fixing to the walls and multiply hoods. They save a lot of space.
  4. Examines the size of your closets, Look into each. Are you overwhelmed with things? You can use each rack or are some too short to hold certain cookware? Are they shallow or have the right depth? A small kitchen remodel usually includes not add more closet space because there simply is not enough room. However, you can install cabinets that best suit your needs. The highest and deep shelves are the best.
  5. Add recessed lighting. One way to give your kitchen a modern look and amplitude is placed recessed lighting. This means that there will be a fixed light hanging under your roof installation. Instead, there will be a small hole where a light is placed flush with the ceiling.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure to measure any new appliances before you buy. Normal measures could not fit into the spaces you provided. You must be completely safe and always wear the tape to the appliance store.
  • If you are not comfortable to performing work plumbing or electricity, hire professionals.