If you live in an area with freezing and thawing during the winter or soft ground zone, your concrete pool can generate cracks over time. While small cracks occur in almost all types of concrete regardless of location, larger cracks may indicate a structural problem that requires professional help. If you have only small cracks, you can make the repair as a project “do it yourself”.


  1. Drain your pool so that the water line is below the spot to repair. If the repair of the pool is near the upper edge of the pool or the batter you may not need draining. Otherwise you drain the pool, keep concrete debris out of the water and drainage system of the pool.
  2. Remove the concrete on either side of the crack using a grinder or a saw with a diamond blade. Creates a clean wider area of ​​at least 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) to the crack and 1 inch (2.54 cm) long with straight edges for best results, If you are repairing a concrete pool, you may be able to remove the coping prefabricated concrete for reuse. Remove the old mortar or plaster of the coping of the gentlest possible way with a hammer and chisel.
  3. Remove all dust and debris from the area you’re fixing a brush. Let air into the opening to dry thoroughly.
  4. Place an account of silicone sealant 1/4 inches (6.35 mm) into the opening you created using a sealant gun. This will provide an additional waterproof substrate pool wall.
  5. Mix sufficient material to patch pools to fill the gap. The patching material is ready to be spread when the consistency of peanut butter. Add color additives to match it with the color of your pool.
  6. Press the pool patching material into the opening with a garden spade. Work firmly into the opening. Remove the bubbles. Account covers sealant patching pool. Make sure the patching remain evenly with the existing surface of the pool. If you are reusing the edge of the coping, you can use the pool to settle patching clean parts. This can act as the mortar to fill the spaces between them also.
  7. Rammed a wet sponge over the patch to give the same consistency as the surface of the pool, Let the patching of the pool dry
  8. Refill the pool as you finish the repair.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use safety glasses and work gloves for this project.
  • Be careful when using power tools near water.

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