A cistern toilet running constantly could be a signal of different problems with your bathroom. The tank keeps the supply of water from the toilet to flush. A valve load fills the toilet after flushing while spray valve allows water out of the cistern. You do not have to wait for a repairman to understand how to repair a cistern. There are a few common problems that happen to tanks frequently.

Cut water supply

  1. Check the location of the leak in the tank, if the problem is a leak, as this can give you an idea of ​​the location of the problem. If the leak is in the rear of the tank could be the supply pipe, hose connection to the outlet or the tank bolts. If it is below the tank portion connecting the toilet bowl, you may have a leak in a valve spray.
  2. The first step in treating any problems with the tank’s cut the water supply, the water supply valve is located below or to the side of the tank. Turn the handle to the right at the end of the supply to stop the flow of water to the tank. Squeeze the handle firmly to drain the water from inside a bowl.
  3. Place a towel on the floor underneath the tank to catch the water that you can leave.
  4. Loosen the hose with pliers or pipe water from the bottom of the tank.
  5. Replace a broken load valve by loosening the nut under the valve with a wrench. Take the tank valve and replace it with broken load a new one. Place a layer of silicone grease on the bottom of the valve plug will help you maintain a tight connection.
  6. Tightly screwed to the bolts in the bottom of the tank with a wrench to stop a leak in the tank nut, Use a screwdriver to keep the fixed bolts in the tank while the squeeze or ask someone to hold. If that does not stop the leak, check the caps on top of the pins as they can start to separate after a while underwater. Replace them if necessary.
  7. Heat loosens bolts tank bottom and bring them out of the rear of the bath. Turn the tank and loosen the nut below. Remove the drain tube assembly and spray valve after disengage chain spray. Replace it with new spray valve and tighten the retaining nut. Reconnect the chain handle.


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