The saunas are closed areas that allow you to reap the benefits of steam. Used for centuries, saunas and steam rooms increase blood circulation, unclog pores and increase the feeling of wellbeing. Undergoing a sauna regularly can be beneficial for patients with chronic heart failure. Most people go to the gym to use the sauna. However, your bath can be easily converted into a sauna.


  1. Choose the smallest bathroom of your house to turn it into a sauna. A smaller room will heat faster and be more concentrated heat.
  2. Use heavy towel or cloth to cover any gap through which heat can escape. Place a towel under the door. Place a towel over the vents or any window to let out the heat. Cover all cracks and holes will ensure that the steam remains concentrated in the bathroom, no leaks.
  3. Leave Run hot water in the bathtub. Point the shower head to the wall. You want the steam fills the room, so keep your curtains open bathroom. If the water does not let you do this, do not worry, it will take a while until the steam filled the bathroom with the curtains closed, but still functional.
  4. Take your clothes off as heat increases. Sit next to the bathtub or the toilet to let the steam envelop you. The heat also helps dissolve excess phlegm and mucus, making your breathing improves. Another reason why saunas and steam rooms may be beneficial for asthmatics is that steam reduces stress, thus diminishing the occurrence of asthma attacks.
  5. Close the hot water as soon as you have reached your limit of heat tolerance. Once you’re done, take a bracing cold shower to cool your body.

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